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Workhubs Network CIC

Home-based professionals, company owners and freelancers now account for almost half of all businesses in the UK - and they are the fastest growing part of the UK workforce.

Yet they are often 'under the radar' of business support organisations. And despite preferring to usually work from home, they often feel isolated, with limited opporunities to collaborate and network.

A new workhubs sector is emerging to service the needs of this market. Our aim is to connect this sector, helping people to find a workhub they want to use and helping workhub operators to pick up valuable ideas from each other.

This website is the UK HQ for all things workhub!

Workhubs Network CIC is a community interest company, a not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to running workhubs and helping others to do so. 

We run this website to help all workhubs to link with each other and to gain a voice as part of an emerging national trend. We also offer delivery and consultancy services. We can help you analyse demand for a workhub in your area and advise on the best ways to set up and run one viably - based on our extensive knowledge of what works around the country and our own experience.

We also offer a start-up management package, setting up and launching workhubs on behalf of clients who want to reduce long term management costs for their facility.

Our headquarters is a National Pilot Workhub which we manage ourselves: The Workbox in Penzance. See its facebook page

All members of our team have experience in setting up, managing and working in workhubs.

Tim Dwelly
Director timdwelly[at]workhubs[dot]com


Janet Ross
Workhub Manager contact[at]workhubs[dot]com

Janet Ross


Lynda Davis
Development Director lyndadavis[at]workhubs[dot]com

Lynda Davis


John Cowles
Associate Consultant johncowles[at]workhubs[dot]com

John Cowles 

Lisa Thompson
News editor lisathompson[at]workhubs[dot]com


Write to us at:
Workhubs Network CIC
Alverton Cottage, Penzance, Cornwall, TR18 4TG


Registered UK company 8115195
VAT no 153 7456 00